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2014-04-16 11:01:30 by loudwallpaper69

And another one down. 4 more to go. I haven't really explained this project, so I'll do so now. I'm currently in a table top game i would say pathfinder, but it's not and we're using Mutant's and Masterminds 3e. The party consists of a band of traveling performers. We're wrestlers and strong men. We have 2 halflings, a gnome, a kobold, a dwarf, a human, a  Half-orc, and a Half-Giant. Big group right? well I am going to make a portrait for each of the characters and then put them all together in one big piece. Now that I've explained this project, Here's Arnold. 5011359_139766048551_Arnold.jpg


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2014-04-16 11:52:07

He looks cool!

loudwallpaper69 responds: