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2014-05-14 21:17:41 by loudwallpaper69

This is an unusaual piece for me. It's not a grey scale it's actually all color. I didn't use any construction lines either, I started out trying this method where you draw 3 images, this is the first, the second will be less stylized and more of a study of the anatomy, and the final is a combination of the anatomy work and the style work. this one is the "style" piece. I want the flames from the tail to really billow agains the surface below it. Let me know what you think so far.5011359_140011664423_Phoenix.png

Disney Paint-Over

2014-05-07 23:37:59 by loudwallpaper69

So i've seen a few of these now and I thought, What better way to practice painting in photoshop whith greyscale and paint. So, after some searching I found a decent resolution image and I went to work I must admit so fare I like it. Here is my WIP hopefully I'll get it finished this weekend, but no promises.


Goofing around

2014-05-05 18:26:53 by loudwallpaper69

Yeah so I was messing around earlier and this is the result.5011359_139932880563_SkullMask.png

Elf Guy

2014-05-01 19:46:10 by loudwallpaper69

So I finished up the sketch from last night. I don't like the hair, but I can definately tell improvement on my line work.


A Guy

2014-05-01 01:50:37 by loudwallpaper69

I started a sketch earlier in Sketchbook and then before I knew it. 1 am had snuck up on me again, so before I call it a night I thought I should post my WIP. Also when I logged in today I was no longer scouted. :(


A Map

2014-04-28 01:18:45 by loudwallpaper69

So I've been working on this map for our Tabletop game and It's all painted in Photoshop. Any Ideas for some village, hamlet, city names (Steam punk setting)? Oh yeah, It's poster sized. (45" x 25") I have a large scale printer. (key and compass  were clipped from another map and edited)


Old Stuff

2014-04-18 17:23:05 by loudwallpaper69

I thought I would post some of my old stuff in a post on my page. Just to keep things "fresh".



2014-04-16 11:01:30 by loudwallpaper69

And another one down. 4 more to go. I haven't really explained this project, so I'll do so now. I'm currently in a table top game i would say pathfinder, but it's not and we're using Mutant's and Masterminds 3e. The party consists of a band of traveling performers. We're wrestlers and strong men. We have 2 halflings, a gnome, a kobold, a dwarf, a human, a  Half-orc, and a Half-Giant. Big group right? well I am going to make a portrait for each of the characters and then put them all together in one big piece. Now that I've explained this project, Here's Arnold. 5011359_139766048551_Arnold.jpg


2014-04-15 17:05:19 by loudwallpaper69

Finished another character portrait for my current project. here's Gwen.


Gimble updated

2014-04-14 20:50:16 by loudwallpaper69

So I made some adjustments and added a "scale" texture which is actually a cobblestone road texture (Hey it works). I also did a full revamp on the eye coloring and texturing and added a bit of wear to the horns. Feel free to comment.5011359_139752291883_Gimble.jpg